Update : Number One

Hello everyone as promised I am already here with a site update notification. I added 4 interesting helmets. 2 rare double decal SS helmets and a perhaps even rarer Luftwaffe helmet with net and green adler , I also added a no decal helmet from the mystery maker qvl.

The qvl maker has also been added to the Combat models and makers page. The SS decals and Luftwaffe decals pages have also been updated.

I also added a nice gimmick on the Home page. Under the sub menu you will see a thumbnail slideshow of helmets I recently added to the site. That way you do not have to click on all pages to see what’s new or wait for my update e-mail.

So what can you expect in the near future ? I will keep looking for rare configurations and helmets that will make the site more complete. And an article on the USB microscope is also in the pipeline.

Thanks for checking in and spread the word.







25-03-2017 LAUNCH

I decided to officially launch the site today. The last thing I have done this morning is adding the country flags to the Acknowledgements page.

The first things I forgot to add are already coming to mind , oh well , there’s plenty of time now but still a blue colored Luftwaffe eagle is not something you see every week.

Thank you again to all contributors.



Nearing the finish line

Lots of action the past few days.

The SS page and SS decals page is finally finished. The civic helmets page is in progress. Fake chinstraps page added.

To do :

  • Fake liners page
  • Civic decals page
  • And probably some forgetfulness will pop up as to do as well 🙂