The Champagne Rune Fraud !

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I have finally completed my page on the fake Champagne runes decals. Instead of putting it all in my blog I decided to put it under the fake and repro section of the website. At the bottom is a link to the website page.

While outed already in 2015 it is still a hot topic today in 2018. Just yesterday a topic was closed by the moderators on German Helmet Walhalla after 2 dealers had their say on the matter (one of them was Kelly Hicks , author of SS steel whom first published the Champagne rune decals). If you haven’t read their responses you probably can guess the gist of it. See no evil hear no evil. Right.

Today another CR topic popped up on the Wehrmacht awards forum. It brought back the times when Kelly Hicks was involved with XRF authentication. Some of you will remember the business he was starting up with another collector to try and monopolize the authentication of German helmets , decals in particular. With a ray gun they would point at a decal , pie chart it in components and tell you for 250$ it’s real or not. Not only is it absurd to try and monopolize and monetize helmet authentication I would even call it unethical. The fact that they started churning out certificates of originality for fakes marked the end of that. So this topic from 2009 that was just bumped up relives those interesting times.

Sometimes things can be as simple as 1+1. Don’t be a victim and keep in charge of your knowledge , the next fraud is already lurking in the dark alleyway ahead.

Click here to go the Fake Champagne rune page.

Keep things interesting in 2018.

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2018 ! What’s on the agenda

 I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2018.



I am working on several pages at the same time , one is the Fallschirmjäger helmets page which you can already view. I am also working on an article about the Champagne runes fraud for which I’m digging through 13 years of forum topics and I am planning to make

Ron R’s magnificent FJR6 camo

a page on helmet paint colors.


Several sweet helmets have been added to the website recently , this is an ongoing process so make sure to check back often.

I will also post a lot number database update in 2018 very soon.



Keep on hunting for those helmets.