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Beaten up M18 Bell L 64 - new find

Yes, I do find some helmets when I'm using money and time on adds. This piece is maybe a wreck, but I like these WW1 reissues a lot. Original 1918 paint on the inside and WW2 paint on the outside. Mouse-eaten liner and the helmet has received two heavy blows on the top (typical postwar play). Anyway, a interesting M18 Bell L helmet. Interesting pressed stamp in the dome (hard to read) and a marked 1918 strap - F. & A. Diringer - München 1918.

Take a look.


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Very nice find. complete and untouched; as said already on GHW i personally couldn't say whether those blows are indeed postwar.

Yes, Andrea. You have maybe right about the blows. Have been finding several helmets with blows on the top, Could it be the Germans themselves who did it, to not letting any equipment be complete when they surrendered. This has been documented in Norway during the days of May 1945.

This is a nice one.

Honest find Jan.