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Bordered decal. DD M40 police

Thought I'd show the latest addition Quist 66. Untouched. Lovely patina. It's a shame the prices are becoming stupid. I paid a lot more for it than I would normally......but they are becoming harder to get like this. Enjoy 👍

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Great looking M40 John. A classic and excellent condition! Congrats!

Lovely DD ! Well done

Thanks 👍 the prices are eye watering now. I've kept about 7 back over the last 5 years..... as they are no longer available for the prices I paid 5 years ago.

I do want this forum to keep going. It is the best for knowledge and friendship 👍

Nice Q Polizei John , looks all round in good shape. Keep 'em coming 😉

That is a nice one. Well balanced & just the right amount of wear.

The Quist M40 police are fairly rare.

Thanks, D

Really nice Polizei helmet,congrats👏🏻👏🏻