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Camo M35 ET64 9. Batt II./Flakrgt. 22 helmet


I'm new here and I hope I'm doing right posting here!

I just bought this camo helmet and discovered it was marked 9. Batt II./Flakrgt. 22 and named Kasprowski on the leather, Reimann Uffz. on the steel.

Since this discovery, I'm looking for history elements to know more the soldier's journey.

I began trying to find out where the II./Flakrgt. 22 got throught during ww2, with the cities names in black :

II./Flak-Regiment 22 (gem. mot.):

Formed 1.4.35 in Brandenburg/Havel from Fla-MG-Abt. 2 (Heer) with 6. - 8. Batterien, as II.(le.)/Flak-Regiment 22 (mot.).

1.4.35 - 1.11.35 used the cover designation Fahr-Abt. Brandenburg.

15.11.38 reorganised as a gemischte Abteilung, now with 6. - 10. Batterien.



Could you help me finding out these soldier's journey during ww2?



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Hello and welcome. Camo helmets are tough to photograph correctly to get the right feel for them. Your photo's are very dark. From what I can see it looks like a super camo. Any chance of doing a close up of the eagle ?


Hello Franck,

thanks for your post and sorry for my poor pictures!

Here are another ones of the eagle and the camo.

I'll make some better pictures soon.


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I like it!!

Welcome to GHV Mat.

I love the splotched patterns. Great character to it.

so looking forward to see better pictures.


thanks for your comments! Here are some new pictures; I did my best with my skills and this cloudy weather...

Any ideas about these two soldiers : Kasprowski and Uffz. Reimann? Or about 9. Batt II./Flakrgt. 22?

I keep  looking on some information by my own.

Thanks for your help.


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This helmet was already shown by its former owner on GHW.

He hadn't opened the leather cap.


New photos are much better , thanks. Very nice worn war relic!