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Catch of the day - Really early M35

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Still can't believe I brought this one home from the fair this morning.

I ran into the dealer (know him for years) that was selling hit at 7 in the morning , he said I brought a nice DD Heer , really early. I said ok I like to see it but he hadn't unpacked yet and I was doing my first scouting I didn't really hurry. Drank a coffee , did a second tour and I saw he had unpacked. He often brings really nice helmets from the woodwork or from collections. I came to the table and another collector said he has a great DD Heer but it is reserved and before I could answer I got handed the DD Heer from the dealer , he was kind enough to wait for me to have a first look. I really appreciated it and the guy second in line already knew he lost it 🙂

I really could not leave it as were a couple of other people there that would have jumped on it.

Oh well I thought my DD Heer days were over but there you go.

Has some great features like a 1931 dated liner band , sewn on rollebuckle strap , the embossed size stamp. Unfortunately the dome stamp is only partially readable.

The decal is the W Abels decal which is typically found on really early helmets.

The helmet is an ET 66 with lot number 2705

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No. Your DD Heer days are not over. And I am happy about that :). I think it’s great and learned a lot reading this post. Does it have the Gothic type font stamping for the Lot?
Awesome pick up Frank and maybe I am a combat helm guy but I will say one of your better finds as of late. Don’t sell it! (Well right away at least. I know we all have to sometimes). Put it on the shelf. Outside of the closet. Cherish it while passing by. Admire it.
Cool that dude held it for you. I have peoples backs like that and a recent offering from someone paid it back to me. Wish more people rolled like us


Thanks Zach this is definitely a keeper.

Here's the lot nr photo.


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Catch of the day ? i'd rather say "Score of the year" ! This is a gem Frank.

Even if you owned several M35's over the years...needless to say that this M35 configuration is the most special for any kind of helmets collector.


I agree , I had an NS 1935 dated (photos here on the vault) that I sold to Karel years ago. Also with rollerbuckle strap and embossed size stamp in the leather. The damage of the tricolor always bugged me otherwise that helmet was top.

I had 6 DD Heer at one point (all makers , 2 ET). Cut it to three a long while ago. EF , Q , ET (1937) and now this one.

Great buy Frank.  Exactly my kind of helmet, early DD M35 and the earlier the better.  It' a beauty, I love everything about it, well done!

Cheers, Terry

Love the early light green paint. Matte finish the way it should be. Abels decal is beautiful, the 66 size is perfect for this type helmet.... I would have bought this one too.

Nice pick-up.

Thanks for the show


Late to the story here guys. Just a busy day. ever get tired of this helmet you know where to find me.

You can NEVER own too many early light green M35 DD helmets.

Great story, great helmet. Not much more to say!


Thanks guys , I am also super excited about this find.

Michael , I wish I could say you are next in line but one of the guys on the fair who lives 1 km from me is 2nd. But do not worry this one stays 🙂

An awesome find,looks great,maybe some day I’ll be lucky enough, happy on your behalf .


cheers, Lars

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