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2020 Update : Community rules

I like to keep this a very simple and uncomplicated platform. The Webmaster and the Moderator will handle any situation which is not described below as they see fit.

* No Baiting ! What is baiting ? Posting a topic and withholding information or posting a topic to fool the community. Frauds often use this tactic to destabilize online collector communities.

* No Trolls ! What is a troll ? Often newly registered members or members that are not very active in the community that try to discredit other members or want to have arguments about accepted common knowledge.

* Respect ! Treat others how you like to be treated.

* Prices : Tastes and budgets are different for each member therefore we ask members to refreign from asking price advice , if you consult a couple of websites you can easily get an idea of price. Buy an item you like for the price you feel good about.

Other rules :

Make sure to check out the pinned topics in each forum which may hold special rules for that section.