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Fake KM M42 on Weitze

One to avoid. NS helmet , fake decal.


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I stopped looking at his site a couple of years ago. Now I remember why.

Pathetic !!

Thanks, D

1850 euros for this one and they also have 2 fake Bahnschutz helmets.

Yes, it's not even worth a look anymore that site

What’s annoying for beginners in the collecting field of German WW2 Combat Helmets is these two dealers/ auctioneers position themselves in the top echelon.

They have full access to a number of advisors,books,reference docs and forums fraud?


They are big companies and put trust in their employees however the subject is really complex , try teaching it to someone that does not collect. Or even try to know everything about any piece of TR , impossible. But there is the problem imo.