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First helmet

Hi folks,

I'm new to this forum and collecting helmets and I'm hoping to learn more about the restored WW2 M42 I just bought.

The helmet is stamped ET64 for the manufacturer and size, and also batch number 2225. Do any forum members have access to any records which might help me learn about the history of this helmet?


Hello Mick ,

A lot number cannot tell you anything about it's history it is a misconception that is floating around the internet like an urban legend.

Only in it's original condition you'd know if it was Luftwaffe , SS , Heer etc..

You can check out my article on lot numbers here :

Lot numbers : Often misunderstood – German Helmet Vault



That helps a lot. And it makes sense I suppose.

Apparently my helmet was made in 42 or 43 and saw service with the army, but also later service with the Czech army and the shell is in perfect shape but has been restored to its German colouring.

I bought it from this guy:



Saw your same question in your introductory post over at War Relics Forum with a similar answer from Andy and I.

If this helmet has been completely refurbished, as Frank says, there is no way to tell if it saw service in the "Army". Could easily have been some of the other branches.

That makes sense - being new, I was just hopeful I suppose not knowing what to expect.