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First Helmet

Hello everyone,

I have been wanting a German helmet ever since I was stationed in Germany in the mid 80's but never bought one - too busy at the beerfests! I would like to finally get one. I have been searching the internet for awhile but was always afraid of buying a fake or over pay. I came across this site and noticed there are very knowledgeable people here who can help steer me in the right direction. I would like your help on where to buy a helmet. I am looking for a M40 heer helmet complete with original chinstrap, liner and good condition decal. I have no preference in maker, average size and my max budget is $1500.

Thanks for the help,


Hi Pike

You might try these sites I have been buying from for many years. Problem is...the last year or two the market is very dry. There is not much out there. So when a nice one does get's bought very quickly.

That's the best I can do. Others here can contribute

Thanks, D


Here’s a few more sites that you can also try:


Good Luck and make sure you show us what you’ve bought!


Thanks David and Michael,

your recommendations are greatly appreciated. If I buy from one of the recommended sites, is it still a good idea to post the pictures here and get your assessment of originality?


Hello gentlemen , no free sponsorship please. Links removed.

I am happy to provide dealers via e mail.

Hello Pike , it is always wise to post what you want to buy first.