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Hope you don't mind another question... my effort to keep learning as fast as I can take it in 🙂

I don't want to overstay my welcome by becoming a pest.

This one has to do with the decal on that relic M42.  What I can't be sure of, is whether it's just a shadow of the decal no longer there, or if I'm still looking at paint over it.  I've been using some very fine sandpaper to try and get down further but don't want to mess it up too much if all I'm doing is ruining the shadow of a decal that isn't there.  The images show the decal placement area.  The same image with the outline I can see of the eagle, and a close up of the paint or whatever it is.  Sorry it's just the IPhone camera, but I'd bet the house that the experts here have dealt with this question in their early days as well.  Thanks in advance for more education.

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Well that is the thing with relics , they are a league of their own. Sometimes you just cannot tell what happened with them. As there are so many out there I would just seek out the better ones with decal and liner. Better to have a couple of those than dozens of shells.

That’s the plan going forward.  The KM M42 purchase was a result of the lesson learned from going after the relics.