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Looking for some more continuing education Liner marking


It's been a while since I've posted as the real life stuff has kept me busy.  I was looking at one of the two LW M42s I have and I opened the somewhat worn and torn liner leather to see if anything was on the inside.

I have the books etc, but couldn't find reference to this marking and am wondering if the knowledgeable folks here could educate me on what I'm looking at.

And just for fun.  Any thoughts on what the name is?  G. Hensen is what I see.

Good to see you are all alive and kicking here 🙂

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Yes G. Hensen is what i see as well (kind of danish/swedish name seems like).

As for "Bo" stamping, that is the leather manufacturing stamping = Albert Bolz, Rudolfstadt.

56 stamping indicates the size of the leather (for a 64 shell)



Finally got some quiet time to look things over.  Thanks much for the information.  I can never learn enough 🙂  I wish there was more I could find in the helmet to point me in the right direction for G. Hensen.  Would be interesting to know his fate.