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Luft M40 - Liner

Hi All,

I am interested in this helmet but I am a little concerned about the liner and chin strap. Maybe it is just my lack of experience but the fingers on the liner look a little different than what I have normally seen and the chin strap seems thicker. It also seems less worn than what you would expect for the rest of the helmet. It appears to be an SE62 1451.

What do you guys think?



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From these pictures, everything looks good to me.



I also like the liner - there are variations between liners - depending on what part of the animal the leather came from and how it was cured.


Agree...liner is good. Straps came in many thicknesses. Some of the pigskin straps are very thin, almost to the point of being fragile.

Thanks, D

Nice one. Agree with the previous comments; nothing to be worried about

Thanks guys! Much appreciated!