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Luftschutz RL2- 38/ 28; Luftschutz Gladiator 3 Piece Helmet. Size 56

Definitely my last acquisition of the year. Not super rare but interesting in its way. A nice untouched Luftschutz with liner, chinstrap and decal as well as the inside decal with size and price.

Lots of dust and spider webs with this one!

2 interesting points are the neatly scratched name to the outside of the skirt – Müller - and the pretty floral fabric used on the inside of the liner pads. This clearly comes from a time when nothing was being wasted and everything was being subsumed into the war effort – rather poignant I think.

Happy 2021 everyone and thanks for your help and input over the last year.


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Looks good !!

I love the floral print lining material. Have seen that just a few times in LS helmets.

Good New Years to you too

Thanks, D

Nice one! 38/28 code stands for Paul Diener, Dresden.

Love these helmets.

Very nice example.

I've never seen that before - the floral cloth inside, really interesting. It does indeed show desperate times towards the end of the war.