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Luftwaffe M42 ‘turtle’ camouflage helmet NS66


Single decal Luftwaffe helmet with single tone green camouflage in turtle pattern. The helmet is a large size 66 steel helmet with a well preserved LW decal on the left side, partially covered in camouflage paint. The helmet is complete with its liner. The steel band is maker marked by Metall-Lederverarbeitlung W.Z. (Werner Zahn) in Bln.-Chburg 5 (Berlin) dated 1943. It also has a full lenght draw string and a 1941 dated chin strap. Inside the dome a nice ‘dome’ acceptance stamp is clearly visible.

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This is a fine looking camo. Simple, but effective for "field division".

Textbook NS eagle too. Looks all balanced & no signs of post war tampering. Possibly the strap was post war installed, other than that.... Nice score !!

Thanks, D

This is nice and you picked this up fast! Sandeboetiek just posted this on their Facebook yesterday.

Excellent. a lot to like on this one.

Well done on getting it

Nice one!! I was wondering who could have bought this beauty.

Nice and 100% correct camo.

Very nice example. Congrats

This is a superb camo - i think you have really scored here.

Everything is well balanced too.



Very nice camo....M42's are my favorite