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M16 GBN Size 64


Here is my latest helmet - M16 in size 64 by Gebruder Bing of Nuremberg.
GBN made M16 and M17 in only size 64 and they are one of the less common makers.

The helmet is distinctive by its gentle angle to the front brim and a seemingly long visor.

Typical early leather liner band and 3 padded tongues - although one tongue is missing the padding.

Big thanks to Andy and Andrea for their assistance with this one and encouraging me to click 'Go' on it.
Due to massive upheaval from moving house this is the first helmet i've been able to buy in over a year. Hopefully very soon i'll also be able to setup a small but dedicated war room.

I Hope you like, all comments welcome.



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Nicholas - I didn’t know you collected Helmets mate ?!


yes yes. I know it’s a tough crowd with me but I kid because I love. You knew my humor early on probably what makes us good buds. I am just jealous that you have your priorities buttoned up and not so care free as I. It’s true.

Nick - great great condition M16. Amazes me when I see an example like this with the Leather pads intact so well. Like they were put in a few years ago. And not a 100. A well preserved piece that will look beautiful on that shelf in the beautiful new house. Congrats friend. This one is a long time coming and you must be thrilled.


Thanks Zach - yeah super pleased. It looks really nice in hand.

I know - over a year! When you are moving house you have to put all your priorities in to that. Still not actually signed the contract, but it is imminent and they have told me they want to move at the end of the month - can't wait...

Any German helmet is expensive though, so i can only afford one periodically.

Plus - i need to save for trip to US, if COVID allows...


Lovely GBN Nick.

Indeed in a great condition !  congrats

Nice getting a new one in !!

This one is desirable...liner is in great shape (not often seen).

Thanks, D

+100 years old Nick ,  great example !

Where are the days when I considered collecting WW1 helmets , I started with it. Made it up to 4 German and 3 French WW1 helmets.

All gone now except 1 WW1 German camo. And I added an M18 this year.


Thanks all - yes it feels nice to have a new helmet for once.

I am drawn to these as well as WW2 German - it seems like an 'evolution' of the German WW2 stahlhelm.

Had the dreary job of looking for furniture for the house yesterday, and i'm thinking to myself what is more important - a sofa to sit on in the living room or a clean looking polizei helmet....



Top shelf example Nick. I really enjoy this one. So much going for it. Makes me think it's time for another WW1 helmet.

But....In reading Franks reply, it reminded me, that I'm missing a French helmet from my collection.