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M35 et62 polizei

Hi Guys,

finaly got my hands on a polizei helmet. its a nice small size with nice discoloration on the decals. Alu Liner is snug and all original to the helmet,with an additional ring for carrying. Liner is named Haidger. Leather tab on the ring is marked D.R.P 669701. Patent number is from 1917,thats all i could find out. Green paint is absolutely beautifull. Hope you like what you see,i know i do.

ps: thanks for the help with the decal questions, made it possible for me to make a good buy.

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Love that D Ring Hanging tab! Congrats

very toned party decal as expected since the preview of the eagle. Nice helmet !

Thanks guys,

really like the colors on this one. The shade of green and the toned party decal really look good...visually pleasing if you will😂