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M35 Luftwaffe helmet

Please could I have some info on this helmet/general thoughts?

Thinking of buying but asking price is £1250... I'm a first time collector but have wanted one of these for as long as I can remember

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Do you have, or can you get better photos of the decals? Straight on and clear. Also better photos of the chin strap.

Do you know the maker of the helmet?

First glance, the inside looks good and the outside stands a chance but I would like to see better photos

Agree. Better pics needed. The strap appears to be an original brown Luft strap.

But the exterior, better pics needed.

Thanks, D

Here are some more pictures - these are all I have unfortunately..

Some more info - lot no. is 4031, and the shell is stamped SE64 (for manufacturer 'Sächsische Emailler - und Stanzewerke').

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From what I can appears all correct.

Thanks, D

I prefer to see a better eagle decal photo. Not the best DD LW to buy exterior condition wise.

funky little bright yellow specks of paint on the National Shield and odd wear (oxidation?) to the exterior paint.

But other than that helmet looks solid.

saw this helmet in GHW time ago. probably all original but a weird looking paint there.

I agree with Frank ...on waiting for another one

I Told ya Pally in another forum. LOL. I think the general consensus is pass on this guy. Good of you to post it here first.