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M35 Re-Issue Thick Overpaint

There's a little story to this one - its not exactly a new addition, more like an older acquisition that I had forgotten about. Let me explain. My partner and I were buying a house. It started way back last October, and there were only 3 in the chain, easy and quick right? Wrong- To cut a very long story short, we had packed lots of things away in storage waiting for the day to move, that finally came at the end on June, so you start to unpack things-  and I have been finding helmets I'd forgotten about. I have counted 23 - with only 3 on the site!! Everyone I have had I keep saying to myself " I'll keep that one" seems I am keeping them all!! But it's no good being a dealer if you don't sell anything. So this ones on the next update - reluctantly - A beautiful un molested M35 re-issue with a thick dark green overpaint covering all of the helmet. There is a shadow and some metallic flex where the Heer decal would be. All the rivets are tight and have the same paint over them. The maker and lot nr are obscured by the layer of paint, but judging by its shape I would say it was an EF one, size 64 as the liner is size 57 Supple liner complete with chinstrap, I really hope it doesn't sell 🙂

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Nice rough overpaint/ reissue John. I think EF too but not 100% sure.

Quite sure that it is an M35 EF. The vent hole and general shell shape is typical for the Fulda factory. Great reissue.



I am also pretty sure it's an EF. Lovely example with neat rough paint.