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M35 re-issues & repaints

Thought I would have some fun. These are a few M35 66-68 re-issues & repaints. A mix of factory paint & possibly field repaint. Just one was a complete factory rebuild with a 1940 dated wartime steel liner & painted over decals. The others retain their original early liners. Lately my favorite area of collecting

Thanks, D

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Good idea David  , the differences between the examples is very evident. I am sure there are many more even with different paint colors. I like reissued Heer helmets more than DD Heer.

Oh...those liners (wait....How many times have I said that now?)

Also like seeing the color differences from the interior skirt and the exterior paint.

Such a pleasure to see this line-up ! Great examples

thanks for sharing

Very very cool David!

Awesome to see them side by side in natural light


Very nice David.  I am a big fan of anything M35 so I love these reissues too.  These are all beauties.  But then we expect nothing less from you!

Cheers. Terry

That is an awesome line up David as I have said before.
The colour variations and the liners are just perfect. Just a great collection of this sometimes over looked helmet type. I would not turn my nose up to any of those! Congratulations mate. 👌🏼

The first x3 pics are all of the liners!

Dave is a liner man it seems, and also now a re-issue man.

Cool collection you are putting together 🙂


...Love reissued....;)

Fantastic line up David!

Must come over and play with your new toys soon!