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M35 SE64 DD Luftwaffe

Hi guys

Got this excellent M35 SE64 double decal Luftwaffe helmet in. Lot number 4209. Helmet belonged to 3 abteilung in the 5 Flak Regiment which saw service in France 1940, and probably spent the rest of the war in München, Germany. Named twice, first to Gruber, then to Barth. Also marked «5k» in the liner.




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Very tasty , it's a bonus especially if the later M35 lots have a unit marking.

That’s a beautiful DD Rune. I’m after a nice Luft DD just like that one. Very nice indeed!

Love the “accessories” as well, they really make it pop 👌🏼

congrats my man. 👍🏼


Thank you Frank and Kyle!

I had to hunt for it for some time to find one in the condition I prefer. It is in excellent condition showing used. Not mint, but close enough. The names and unit stamp makes it more «alive» as it is at least some kind of provenance to its history.



Excellent Luft SE.

Beautiful pair of decals. Nice extra with the unit stamping as well.