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M40 ET overpaint reissue double named

Hey everyone, been out of the game for a

Got this great, double named M40 by ET in size 66 at an estate sale in the middle of nowhere Georgia. The interesting thing about this is it's been overpainted and a decal reapplied.

Notice how the gold of the original decal is clearly the base layer, followed by the overpaint and then the application of the normal Heer decal. We can likely attribute the poor condition of the reissue decal to the rough textured paint.

I would almost go as far to speculate this is a possible KM due to the rich golden color of the decal, though I recognize a toned Heer is a possibility, but it looks quite gold in person and under the loupe.

A nice find for $209! Unfortunately, I didn't realize the sale was in the middle of bum fuck nowhere Georgia and I had to hire someone to drive the 3 hour trip to bring it back to Atlanta and then ship it to me. All said, still not a bad buy for $409 total.

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Close ups under loupe.

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Certainly an honesty bucket , I mean helmet 🙂

You did well with that one.

Thanks Frank!

It's a good looking helmet with a lovely looking writing on the liner