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M40 help


I have a shell as per the attached pics

M40, Q64 lot DN194

Decal on one side as per photos.

any idea if this is real? purchased a few years ago in northern Norway

if it real is it worthwhile to restore with liners etc?


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Looks like a nice helmet to me.  Shell, paint and decal all original as far as I can see.

Regarding "restoring" the will get widely mixed opinions there.  To me, putting an original matching size/date liner in it is a positive thing as long as you don't try to fool anyone about it.  But many will say leave it untouched as is.  Regardless what you do, it is a good looking helmet.

Cheers, Terry

Thanks Terry.

That was positive this a KM helmet? my understanding, based on the decal, is that it is?

On the restoring, if it where to happen it would be with all original matching parts…with no intent to fool anyone 😊.

I agree with Terry’s comments . . . It’s an original helmet and decal

Definitely a Heer and not a Kreigsmarine.

I’m one of those that would leave this one alone and not add anything to it.

It’s history is that it currently doesn’t have a liner . . . I like items that are “untouched” after 1945


That’s a nice original Q64 Heer.
Like Terry said there are two camps when it comes to restorations.
It would would come down to your personal preference. I personally wouldn’t buy a restored helmet or attempt to fix one up. (For a start I would be scared to damage it!)  but if you are going to keep it for yourself then great.
It gets a little cloudy for me when people attempt pass them off as “untouched”.
In my mind like Micheal said, it’s part of its history.
If you do restore it just make sure that’s clear when/if you do sell it.
Nice little pick up though! Well spotted. 👍🏼

I would not bother with adding a liner , most of the time it is very visible it's a replacement and it detracts when you want to show it to other collectors , I think most of us are purists where helmet fiddling is concerned.

Love it for what it is , you won't see the liner on the shelf anyway or sell it and get one with a liner.



Agreed with the previous comments. nice Q shell and i'd leave it as is


thanks for all the feedback, much appreciated.

I hear you and will keep as is 😊

One last question, any opinion on value?

Hello Joe , we do not talk prices publicly as per forum rules , you can e mail me if you want. See contact page.