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More questions.


I've been doing a lot of reading lately mainly Eastern Front, but I also have a photo book on the Warsaw Uprising.

I'm curious if any of these kinds of helmets have surfaced in the collector world?  Not trying to find one, just wondering if they are even still out there?  Scanned from the book.  Clearly there was some unique markings put on the German helmets by the Polish fighters.

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I must be getting old and my dementia is kicking in.  It appears I asked this question here two years ago.  No answers then, so maybe I'll get lucky this time 🙂


It's a Polish eagle by the looks of it , resistance helmets are very hard to find because the insignias are painted and so often faked as well.

I've seen some from other nations but I can't recall which as they don't fall within my collecting interests.

But authentic ones are rare.


I've only seen a couple of French and Dutch "resistance" examples. They looked real but no way to really know.