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My ambitions finally achieved !

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Quote from helmetguy on March 23, 2023, 5:20 pm

Funny guy Frank.  But impressive display!

That was 40 years ago and I'm a few pounds heavier, a lot more gray, less hair, and I lost the mustache long ago.  But the good news is, a lot more helmets now than back then!  Here you go.

Cheers, Terry

Looking Good T!! Nice to see you.

your room looks great too! A few WWII M1s I see as well.  Same as me 😎


TOP collections and beautiful photos Gents! 👏🏻

Nice to see you Terry in this "then and now" pics; well... i am aware your collection is stellar.

Frank.. 6 RAD !!! time to sell me one then....


Thanks for the thoughts and comments guys.  We are all serious collectors here and all enjoy the appreciation for our collections and our dedication.  I freely admit to being a war relic addict and maybe even a bit of hoarder, but I love the hobby!

It would be fun to see other people's war rooms as well!

Cheers, Terry

Top shelf collections guys,  hats off😲👌👍👍

Great collections and displays, Terry and Frank! Fun to see the then and now pictures of both collection rooms!



Just seen these what a couple of superb collections congratulations

Thanks guys 😉

First time I’ve seen this amazing post.


Frank you have an amazing collection and it’s wonderful to see in almost it’s entirety


Terry . . . I just love the tow photos 40 years apart . . . your collection it’s the “para”mount collection on the planet!

Very Well done gentlemen


Michael 🙏

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