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Netted M35 Single Decal

I've had this one for about 2 years - I just bought some photographic lights so decided to try out on this one. I do love it, and it reeks charisma It appears to have been painted over at sometime with sawdust added?? As It is extremely difficult to make out the maker, but I'm pretty sure it's an ET

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Quite nice John , it is a typical reissue with M&B reissue decal. How is the net tucked in the liner band? worries me when you say "quite nice" the netting is poked through some of the alloy band and in between the liner and band.. it is one of my favourites

No no John , the difficulty with netted helmets it's most of the time impossible to tell from photos if the net was on there since the war.

Cool combo !

Even if we don't know when this was put together it has a great looking