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New find - M40 ET64 Heer

Got this piece recently from an old couple nearby. Luckily (again), these people browsed into the local newspaper and found my add. They did plan to throw this junk (as they said) into the garbage bin, but in the end I got it in stead. Unlucky for me, they looked into the internet to find the value. So, I had to pay aprox 70 % of the market value. But, these Heer SD are hard to find these days, so I had to jump on it.

Here is it, M40 ET64 (# 1260) Heer, with a standard ET style decal and shortend strap.


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Another wonderful finding Jan. Love that liner/leather.

even with just 30% discount that is a find everyone wants 🙂

Nice one Jan. I've never thought of placing an ad before, in a paper. Curious how you have yours written?

Nice find Jan. Seems these woodwork finds are becoming rarer in Norway. Who does not love an M40 ET64 single decal Heer….?? No one!!