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Plain Jane

This type of helmet rarely shows up anymore. They all seem to have been decaled with fakes!! Usually SS it was a pleasant change to be offered this. A Luftwaffe ND M42 size 66.

I haven't got it yet so excuse the poor pictures. I'll do some more when I get it early next week.

It's another keeper for me! ( Some bloomin dealer I am)

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Geez...that's a nice one. I see why your keeping it!

Shall we call it mint ?

John myself I have seen more M42 ND's for sale these last couple of years than the years before. I took me a long time to find  the right ND M42 and now there is choice it seems.

It is a minty one Frank. And if I'm correct lufty ones are harder to find..... either way. I like it. Just wish it was cheaper 🤣🤣🤣

Very nice, I'd be happy to own that one.  You're right, Luft no decal helmets are harder to find, M40's more so than M42's even.  (This is an M40, not an m42.)  Well done.

Cheers, Terry

Terry. ...... I have no idea why I put 42 when I knew it was a 40. Perhaps it was the excitement of it all 🤣🤣🤔

Great find. I love these ND helmets.

A special piece being a rare M40 Luft Q. Mine has the pigskin liner.