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Shrapnell hit M42 Heer

I have come to like battle damaged helmets , my definition of battle damaged has changed over the years. I used to think battle damaged helmets were too much damaged to 'look good'. No liner , damaged decals and so on. But there is a niche where the damage kept the helmet in acceptable state. This is only my second German WW2 battle damaged helmet , I have a WW1 and a Japanese BD as well.

This one probably got damaged in the rear , hanging from a tank when the area was struck with artillery. Yes that's my imagination speaking but the Ukraine war shows how soldiers and equipment can get damaged from afar , when soldiers are relaxed and perhaps not wearing their helmets.

So far the speculation , here the cold facts.

ET 64 , Lot nr 1650. 1942 dated liner.

Sud front style camo.

The shrapnell went clean through the leather.


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Very nice Frank.  I have to agree with you 100%.  I used to thumb my nose at anything battle damaged but now I have learned to appreciate examples that are not "destroyed" and in a condition like this.  I have a couple myself.  This one is especially nice because of the tan paint, my favorite kind of camo anyway.  Well done, congratulations!

I had a killer DAK camo para helmet many years ago that had a couple of serious bullet holes and liner damage and it always bothered me to the point that I finally traded it away.  I wish now I had it back!

Cheers, Terry


OGlad to see you were able to get it Frank.
I can’t agree more with you and Terry when it comes to collect battle damaged ones, as we collect war history there is always a certain fascination about these helmets. For sure which “level” of damage is everyone’s taste but undoubtedly they are attractive.

Thank you Terry and Andrea.


Very nice Frank and I think this post says something about the "evolution" of our individual collecting.  Its cool and makes it ever changing long as the core "keeping it real" with TR lids doesn't change or you start w Bulgarian Lids we are good ... and you sir Keep It Real everyday ...Its a pleasure to watch.  I am still in my hardcore KM and USN M1 Phase .... but what will tomorrow bring ?

This one goes nicely with a few examples you own Frank ... Like 4 are coming to mind as I look at this.  You defintely have a "type." The Peppering on the back is a bonus and I am liking the look

Dont change!




That's a great looking camo...with or without the damage.

I agree...quite collectible.

Thanks for the show, D

Thanks Zach and David.

Bulgarian lids not yet Zach , not yet.

You are probably thinking of these two as a my type 🙂

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