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some info on this transitional helmet


Guys - can I ask for opinions on this transitional. I am not very converse with these and would like to know if its a Frankenstein or a good one. I can't make out the maker on the shell, and there seems to be paint over spilling onto the liner band - perhaps I'm paranoid?

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Anyone?  🙁


Not sure what to say from these photos.  It does appear to be a repaint so the M31 liner could well be a legitimate replacement for the original WWI liner.  It is an early liner, so you would expect to see two decals showing through the repaint.  I see no sign of a decal under the paint on the right side but the cloth band covers the left side photo.  Can you tell if anything is there?  About the best I can say is that all the parts are original (not saying anything about the cloth training band) but can't tell if they have always been together or if there is anything interesting under the repaint.  Paint on the liner band is a good sign.  Sorry can't say more.

Cheers, Terry



Cheers Terry. I think it's a 31 dated liner. Sadly no signs of any decals which kinda stumped me. The band I wouldn't say has been there forever. It's how it came to me. I'll  see if I can get a microscope on it at some point 👍



yes only thing i can say so far is that looks all good and the over paint is period.

For sure this isn't a ww1 refurbishment.

Can't say which is the maker as the paint covers the stamping; maybe the decal/s were scraped off previously.

I could think on a Volkssturm use perhaps.