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"Sowjetischer/Russischer SSH39 für Luftschutz" (1939-1945)

Hello Friends!

Make a time I haven't made a post!

For finish 2021 (who was a good year for me in German Helmet), here the last one!

A nice "SSH39" used by "Luftschutz" almost in mint condition...

Hope you appreciate it!

Now I can started to find the other helmet used by LS, like Dutch, French, etc....


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That looks great,congrats🙂🙂

very attractive , I had the opportunity to buy one a couple of years ago but I decided to keep to German shells only. A man has to know his limits 🙂

Thanks for your messages!

For schwerpunkt73, that my problem I have no limit 😉

Now I could started to find the other "stranger" helmet used by LS (Dutch, French, etc...).


Superb example on its genre. I'd love to get one for the collection one day.

Congrats RZM