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Teno - Heer DD M18 commercial

Somewhat of an oddball. It is in every respect designed like the ones we know with the smaller ventholes , often stamped Edelstahl. But this one has the WW1 style vents.

No stamps in the steel that I can see.

These helmets are often attributed to the Technische Nothilfe , we see them often wearing no decals. But luckily I have been shared a photo privately with Teno soldiers wearing M18 style helmets (no decal) , Edelstahl medium duty helmets with and without Heer decal.

Note the interesting double strike on the Heer eagle.

In weight it ways slightly more than the other similar ones without the M18 lugs , must be what makes it heavier. It's 1.125 Kg.

I acquired in 2018 from Karel Van Bostraeten who sadly passed away last year.

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I think it's the first commercial helmet I have seen with the lugs for vents in a Heer example. I had a very similar setup but it was police, unmarked shell. It never ends I guess, the amount of variations they produced.

Thought my eyeglasses where off when I looked at that eagle. Interesting but hard to look too long, I am getting dizzy !

That's a beauty...

Thanks, D

Interesting one Frank indeed. Karel would be happy it’s in your care 🙂


I think these were an experimental batch of 3D or VR decals 🙂 LoL

Very nice helmet Frank!





That's such a beauty - the paint / colour alone is very nice, but add the decals and it's superb. The optical illusion decal! ROFL.


Extremely interesting and super nice helmet. The decal with the double strike is wonderful and very rarely seen.

Is it a droopbill or are photos playing tricks on me ?


I noticed it with these photos as well , I think it is. Just picked it up and the front of the visor dips down slightly.

Nice pot indeed!

(Hallo Frank ;)...!!)


Hey Marco , welcome to the GHV 🙂

Very nice helmet, Frank.

A rare helmet in excellent condition. I think the doble strike August Jüttner decal is a first for me. Have not seen it before.