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The first Helmet

Hello everyone,

i will briefly introduce myself to my first post here with you. My grandfather was a Wehrmacht soldier (Heinrich Adam Mahlberg, Kw. Trsp. Rgt. 616) and I, an idiot, sold everything that was still there many years ago.

Some time ago (5 years) a US prison camp from the end of the war was found (near Dörenhagen, Paderborn, Germany) and I was lucky enough to get one of the helmets. 75 years in the ground, no problem. 5 years in the basement, disaster. I restored the helmet and it turned out really well. I have attached pictures to you that show the progress of this restoration. As with candy, once you start you can't stop. Now I've started looking for helmets in the neighborhood.

It is absolutely great to have a forum in which there is not too much around it and in which you can show a few pictures without having to pay any money and also get help. Thanks a lot for this!



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Hello Sven , thanks for joining us and sad to hear you sold off anything related to your father's WM years.

You will notice collectors participating here are not ground find collectors.

Not that ground finds can't be interesting but more often you get more helmet and more history with a helmet that still has decals , liner , chinstrap.

While plenty of ground find helmets can be found for sale , finding the more interesting ones is more challenging. Which means a decal that can be authenticated , remains of linerband and leather and which has the right look.

But if budget allows I would advise to move to above ground find helmets as shown on the website or by members here on the forum , which are the ones where we can help you with best.



Nice helmet Sven. I bet before too long you will want a non relic helmet too - it's a real treat to have one.

Don't worry about the prices - it's just a number 🙂


Quote from HoundsTooth on October 15, 2021, 4:44 pm

Nice helmet Sven. I bet before too long you will want a non relic helmet too - it's a real treat to have one.

This helmet was just the start. He lit the fire again and next week the first helmet will be there. Not the prettiest, but with a known past. When he's there I'll take some nice pictures and show him to you.