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The "Twins " have arrived

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They turned up yesterday as in my previous post. Both KM both from the same guy taken from Normandy both  SE64 AND both with the same lot number. There is a name with a number after. I haven't been able to decipher it yet. But I will try......I have originally put 10 photos on. But if you need more. Let me know😉 the question Is......should I sell them as a pair? Or individually 🤔

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Nice pair. a bit of shame for the flaking of the decals but that's almost a classic with that kind of paint typical of SE production.

Loburg...another typical strap often seen on these KM's. the other one a bit hard to make it out but not impossible with a bit of time to check.

Given the decals condition the price would be a fair one i not a bad idea to sell both as twins perhaps. I personally like the idea of a twins but that's me and few other else...i am afraid

Lohmann Werke AG Bielefeld.

that's the maker of the worn strap.

Nice honest helmets John.

Thanks for the feedback fellas....and thanks Andreas  for the maker on the 2nd chinstrap. It would be good to sell them as a pair. But it's like most groupings you see. They get split as it becomes more affordable to the masses.

I did get a lovely Q Cammo M40 .....I'll take some photos over the weekend👍👍

Nice John. What’s the Lot#?

Here’s my SE KM twins



oh it says #4778 nevermind 🙂



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Both are 4778 same lot nr👍

Hi John

They sold quickly!





🤣 I know! Too quickly. Within a day. Makes me think I sold them too cheaply. 🤔 but as they say.....any profit is a good profit. ❤ and I've just picked up another SE KM And a very very super m40 Army SD 😱

Posting the SD M40 Heer on here?

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