Bahnschutz & TENO helmets

Why put Technische Nothilfe helmets (TENO) and Bahnschutz on 1 page ?

We know for sure the black overpainted ones with Heer decals are Bahnschutz but the green medium duty ones can be both Bahnschutz and TENO. Both are auxiliary units and seem to have received similar helmets. We have learned a great deal over the past 7 years about these helmets.


Bahnschutz soldiers with transitional double decal Heer helmets


  • Transitional and medium duty ‘Edelstahl’ helmets are the 2 helmets types I so far have observed of being used by the Bahnschutz.
  • Most Bahnschutz helmets are re-purposed helmets , meaning they were re-painted and re-decalled outside the factory. The dome was never painted and still has the first color.
  • Most are probably ex Heer or ex Polizei helmets , you can see traces of decals on the 2 sides under the Bahnschutz decals.
  • Bahnschutz decals have the exact same signature as other period Third Reich decals when magnified with a USB microscope.

Eisenhüttenwerke Thale (ET) size 66 – M16 Bahnschutz

  • This is a rare Bahnschutz “railroad security” helmet
  • Has the typical grey overpaint , note the shadow of the previous decals can be seen under the Bahnschutz decals.
  • Of note is that the helmet was not painted black under the leather

Photos courtesy of Sysyphus

Unidentified maker – Austrian M17

  • A rare black helmet with Pocher decals on top of the black paint , probably this is an Ex SS helmet that was re-used for the Bahnshutz or it was repainted for the Bahnschutz.
  • Black Austrian helmets like this where used by the SS in the early TR period
  • It has the second type WW1 steel liner band
  • The interior crown of the helmet has the original light green paint
  • The decal is the Pocher type

Unmarked medium duty Edelstahl helmet – size 64

  • I also refer to these helmets as Edelstahl helmets. Often they carry the Edelstahl stamp.
  • Repainted in the typical grey for the Bahnschutz , originally this helmet was a green Polizei or SS decalled helmet , shadows of the previous decals can be seen.
  • The dome of the helmet has still the Original green color
  • The USB close-ups clearly show the same signature as all other period decals. Same pulver and wavy print lines like with Heer, RAD , SS , Luftschutz , Polizei , etc..

Photo courtesy of Jock Auld (Rich)

Rare photo of a helmet with Bahnshutz decal

Unmarked medium duty Edelstahl helmet – size 66

  • Here we have another Edelstahl overpainted helmet with Original green paint in the dome.
  • It carries the Methner and Burger decal which is one of the expected decals for reissued helmets.
  • The paint color color and it’s general appearance does suspect this helmet would have been used by the Bahnschutz although other uses can’t be excluded just yet.


Like many of Germany’s organisations TENO has a complex history and was absorbed by 1941 in the Police. But some of its units would serve under different Heer branches.


  • Medium duty Edelstahl types apple green without decal and with 2 decals can be attributed to TENO
  • Commercial M18’s have also been observed to have been used by TENO.

Unmarked M18 style medium duty Edelstahl helmet – size 60

  • This is a very rare model and probably was used by TENO.

Unmarked medium duty Edelstahl helmet – size 66

  • This is the more traditional style helmet worn by the TENO. With or without decals.
  • The liner is more rarer variant with round cork spacers and regular installed rivets as opposed to the unremoveable hollow rivets.
  • The soldier plugged to vents.