Bahnschutz Helmets

Bahnschutz soldiers with transitional double decal Heer helmets


  • Transitional and medium duty M34 helmets are the 2 helmets types I so far have observed of being used by the Bahnschutz.
  • All Bahnschutz helmets are re-purposed helmets , meaning they were re-painted and re-decalled outside the factory. The dome was never painted and still has the first color.
  • Most are probably ex Heer or ex Polizei helmets , you can see traces of decals on the 2 sides under the Bahnschutz decals.
  • Bahnschutz decals have the exact same signature as other period Third Reich decals when magnified with a USB microscope.
  • Collectors also believe Black painted transitional helmets with Heer decals may have a Bahnschutz link. You can see such a helmet here.

Eisenhüttenwerke Thale (ET) size 66 – M16 Bahnschutz

  • This is a rare Bahnschutz “railroad security” helmet
  • Has the typical grey overpaint , note the shadow of the previous decals can be seen under the Bahnschutz decals.
  • Of note is that the helmet was not painted black under the leather

Photos courtesy of Sysyphus

Unmarked medium duty M34 – size 64

  • Repainted in the typical grey for the Bahnschutz , originally this helmet was a green Polizei or SS decalled helmet , shadows of the previous decals can be seen.
  • The dome of the helmet has still the Original green color
  • The USB close-ups clearly show the same signature as all other period decals. Same pulver and wavy print lines like with Heer, RAD , SS , Luftschutz , Polizei , etc..