Civic helmets


Young boys and girls wearing RLB helmets with large decal.


We can divide the civic style helmets into 2 categories :

  1. Commercially produced lightweight helmets
  2. Combat helmets (M35 , M40 and M42’s) that received a bead that runs horizontally around the helmet.

Civic style helmets were used throughout the Reich by various institutions for a variety of non combat duties although some will for sure have seen or been in combat during the last stages of the war.

These helmet were predominantly used by :

  • Polizei
  • Feuerschutz
  • Reichsluftschutzbund (RLB) , later Luftschutz
  • Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (DRK)
  • Factory guards and safety personnel

An endless variety to suit your collector needs

The most commonly found types are the M34 “salt shaker” and the Gladiator style helmets but many other variants exist. As you will see in the gallery below many different liner systems were fitted.

From left to right : Early M34 , M34 Square dip , M34

From left to right : Gladiator 2 piece , Gladiator 1 piece  , Flat rim Gladiator style

From left to right :  M34 Feuerwehr “Early” model , M34 Feuerwehr later model , Commercial M18 “droopbill”

From left to right :  M34 prototype single air vents , M34 single air vents

Often these helmets are found without any size or maker stamp in the steel. Paint colors range from black (usually for Polizei , feuerwehr , Luftschutz and factory units) to green (Polizei , RLB and DRK) and grey (DRK).

The beaded shells always have a maker stamp and a lot number just like their combat counterparts.

Example of a beaded M35


USA patent chinstraps

The USA patent 1590400 chinstrap found on different models of Third Reich lightweight helmets , mostly defined as Fireman’s helmets or Polizei helmets.

This patent dates back to 1926 and the inventor is Alphonse, Widmer Harry.
These straps were in use well before WW2.


Here’s an outtake from the Baer book on German helmets that shows a period advertisement which features this style of strap.



Rare political helmet – M34 variant


Rare Landespolizeigruppe – M18 (commercial) droopbill

  • A very scarce Droop Bill helmet with tilted decals issued to the LANDESPOLIZEI GRUPPE General Göring.
  • The insignia on this helmet were introduced on July 1934 until 28 July 1936 only for police formations.







Emaillierwerke A.G.Fulda (EF) size 64 M35 beaded shell

  • Note the green overpaint before the decals were placed
  • Carries the M&B eagle decal also often found on combat helmets.

Emaillierwerke A.G.Fulda (EF) size 62 M40 beaded shell

  • Lot number 31366
  • Has some very nice features starting with the overpaint in grey. The Eagle has been applied over another eagle.
  • Nice cloth civic liner

Photos courtesy of helmet2id

Vereinigte Deutsche Nickelwerke (NS) size 64 – M35 beaded shell

  • A rare variant with Austrian Polizei decals.

Photos courtesy of RonR




Luftschutz – M18 (commercial) droopbill

  • With RLB stamps on the leather

Quist (Q) size 66 – M35 beaded shell

  • Lot number 227
  • Note the size 57 leather in a 66 shell , the cork where the rivets go through make the helmet a size smaller. With the M31 liner it could fit a size 58/59 head.

Quist (Q) size 60 – M40 beaded shell

  • Lot number 2547
  • Note the missing vent holes
  • Badly applied decal

Photos courtesy of Donald L


Quist (Q) size 62 – M40 beaded shell

  • Lot number 149
  • Note the black rivets which are not the standard rivets fitted in a combat shell.

Flat rim gladiator style helmet with Austrian Polizei decal

Photos courtesy of Sysyphus

Luftschutz – 1 piece Gladiator helmet

Photos courtesy of Ron R

Luftschutz – 2 piece Gladiator helmet

Photos courtesy of Mr_S


Luftschutz – 2 piece Gladiator helmet

  • This gladiator was probably produced mid to late war , it exhibits a lot of construction and metal flaws and a later style liner.
  • Note the off center placed decal.
  • The helmet was recently (2018) found in the Aachen area together with the gas mask can belonging to the same owner.
  • The leaflet inside gives tips on what to do when low flying aircraft approach.
  • There is also a name tag and a DLV , Deutscher-luftsport-Verband badge attached to the chinstrap.

M34 Factory Police helmet – Telefunken

  • Original factory helmets are scarce.

Photos courtesy of helmet2id