In 1938 the Reichsluftschutzbund was transformed into the Luftschutz (LS). The helmets got a new dark blue color (as opposed to the grey and green of the RLB) and also a new decal was placed on these helmets. It changed from a voluntary service to a compulsory one in 1943 and women were from then on not to be excluded.

An interesting photo showing Luftschutz volunteers together with firefighters.


  • The standard paint color for these helmets is dark blue but depending on producer and time period colors can be darker or lighter. It is also possible but more uncommon to find LS helmets in green color.
  • Quite a lot of the ‘old’ RLB helmets have been repainted and redecalled for the LS.
  • Many different shells were used by the LS , M34’s , Gladiator helmets , Beaded combat shells and captured foreign helmets.

Luftschutz – M18 (commercial) droopbill

  • Possibly one of the first Luftschutz helmets
  • Still has RLB stamps on the leather
  • Exhibits a blue lined Luftschutz decal which is believed to be the first style.
  • Black roller buckle chinstrap
  • No maker stamp

Civic Himmler style

  • This model gets its name from the Himmler helmet which has WW1 style air vents.
  • The vent holes in this helmet type are called screen vents
  • Like with many commercial produced helmets no maker stamps are visible.
  • The liner is a typical light duty civic style liner
  • The stamp in the leather is from the ECKART WERKE factory , a factory that still exists today. It’s no clear if ECKART produced this helmet or if this helmet was owned by the ECKART factory , a so called factory helmet.

M34 early square dip model with bulgy vents

  • This one is probably an ex RLB helmet that was repainted and re decaled , you see the green RLB paint on the inside.
  • WW1 style chinstrap
  • No maker stamp

Quist (Q) size 66 – M35 beaded shell

  • This one was probably never used as the paint , decal , chinstrap and leather are in very good condition.
  • Lot number 227
  • Note the size 57 leather in a 66 shell , the cork where the rivets go through make the helmet a size smaller. With the M31 liner it could fit a size 58/59 head.

Quist (Q) size 60 – M40 beaded shell

  • Lot number 2547
  • Note the missing vent holes
  • Badly applied decal

Photos courtesy of Donald L

Quist (Q) size 62 – M40 beaded shell

  • Lot number 149
  • Note the black rivets which are not the standard rivets fitted in a combat shell.

Sächsische emaillier und stanzwerke (hkp) size 64 – M42

  • Beaded M42 are a bit harder to find
  • Cloth liner , plastic chinstrap
  • Note the addition ear protectors sewn onto the liner
  • The paint is very thin , I have observed this on several Luftschutz helmets of this maker

Luftschutz – 1 piece Gladiator helmet

Photos courtesy of Ron R

Luftschutz – 3 piece Gladiator helmet

Photos courtesy of Mr_S

Luftschutz – 3 piece Gladiator helmet

  • This gladiator was probably produced mid to late war , it exhibits a lot of construction and metal flaws and a later style liner.
  • Note the off center placed decal.
  • The helmet was recently (2018) found in the Aachen area together with the gas mask can belonging to the same owner.
  • The leaflet inside gives tips on what to do when low flying aircraft approach.
  • There is also a name tag and a DLV , Deutscher-luftsport-Verband badge attached to the chinstrap.

Flat rim gladiator style helmet with Austrian Polizei LS decal

Photos courtesy of Sysyphus

Flat rim gladiator style helmet with Austrian Polizei LS decal