Firefighters with M34 helmets without comb and with the later Polizei eagle decals

German firefighters across Germany which were independent organizations prior to 1938 then they became part of the national Ordnungspolizei. Already in 1934 it was decided to replace old style leather fire protection helmets with aluminium or light weight steel (Edelstahl).

Observations :

  • Majority of helmets have black paint , silver examples exist as well and seem to denote someone of higher rank.
  • Earliest examples will have a large titled swastika decal and a national shield , later examples carry the Polizei eagle with the NSDAP shield.
  • Several decal variations exist some of which are identical to those used on combat helmets.
  • Combs are not always present , often helmets were worn without comb or neck flaps. In such cases the holes for the combs were plugged.

Feuerwehr – Early M34 variant

  • Early because of the decals that were replaced later on with Polizei eagle and party shield.
  • Note the protruding vent holes.

Photos courtesy of RonR

M34 square dip

  • This one is the later M34 model with comb but still with the earlier decals.

M34 square dip

  • Later aluminium model with the standard Polizei decals.
  • Made by the BXF company

M34 square dip

  • Edelstahl marked
  • The leather is marked Carl Henkel – Bielefeld , a company that specializes in equipment for firefighters since 1871 and still exists today.
  • The decals are the SE style also found on combat helmets.

M34 square dip

  • A lot of feuerwehr helmets did not receive a comb or a neck protector. The holes for the comb in such cases were welded shut.
  • Made by the Thale factory.

Photos courtesy of Sysyphus