Reichsarbeitsdienst Helmets

3 Documents belonging to RAD soldier Kurt Schmale.

  • In 1938 he received his 4 years service medal.
  • In September 1942 he received his war merit cross
  • In February 1945 he received his iron cross 2nd class while serving with a Flak Battery.

The photos below show RAD soldier wearing their typical RAD cap. In the left picture is a helmet on the ground , unfortunately you cannot see the decals.

INFO LINK : History of the RAD

Observations :

  • Helmets provided to the RAD always came from other branches , predominantly from the Heer but also from the Luftwaffe. In many period photos RAD soldiers are seen wearing Heer and Luftwaffe helmets. As such they were never produced at factory level for the RAD.
  • RAD decals are thus often applied on top of the factory placed decals.
  • Period pictures with RAD soldiers wearing helmets with RAD decals are very very rare.

Eisenhüttenwerke Thale (ET) size 64 – M35

  • Ex Luftwaffe helmet with droop tail eagle slightly visible under the RAD decal.
  • Lot number 3114

Photos courtesy of Anders

Eisenhüttenwerke Thale (ET) size 62 – M40

  • Liner band date and lot number unreadable
  • Helmet was originally Heer , you can see the Heer eagle under the textbook RAD eagle
  • Helmet appears to have received a dark grey overpaint both in and outside while the decal was masked. Seems like some paint still went over the decal in the top left corner.

Eisenhüttenwerke Thale (ET) size 62 – M42

  • Lot number not completely visible , starts with 18x
  • Liner band date 1942
  • The rank Am in front of the name stands for Arbeitsman
  • The RAD decal has been applied over the Heer decal

Eisenhüttenwerke Thale (ET) size 64 – M42

  • Lot number 1823
  • Liner band date not readable
  • RAD decal applied on the other side of the Heer decal