All the information gathered on this site is ‘generally accepted knowledge’ by collectors worldwide. What we know about German World War 2 helmets today is in part researched through period documents and study by the 1st generation of collectors whom eventually also put their knowledge in books. The other part is knowledge gained featureby observation and exchanging information between collectors worldwide. The internet played a very very big part in enhancing the general knowledge on German World War 2 helmets especially in the last 15 years. Even today in 2016 , 71 years after World War 2 , collectors still find helmets in the possession of the families of veterans , in abandoned houses and on battlefields. All these new finds corroborate what we already know or present us with new interesting mysteries that help us re-evaluate earlier findings.

With The German Helmet Vault I hope to give beginning and advanced collectors an up to date , easy accessible reference created from the viewpoint of a collector.

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