Reichsluftschutzbund (RLB)

The National air protection league was formed in 1933 and made up of civilian volunteers. The helmet insignia changed to the winged Luftschutz decal in 1938 (source L Baer), the helmets also received a different paint color.


Observations :

  • RLB decals are only observed on light weight M34 shells
  • Helmets are predominantly found with apple or pea green paint , earlier examples have grey paint.

Reichsluftschutzbund – Himmler style shell with screened vents

  • A rarer style shell
  • In almost unused condition

Photos courtesy of Andrea C 

Reichsluftschutzbund – M34 early style with bulgy vents

  • Has the uncommon green colored version of the RLB decal , notice the different graphics as compared to the blue decal.

Photos courtesy of Ron R


Reichsluftschutzbund – M34

  • Grey painted example with the Blue variant decal

Reichsluftschutzbund – M34

Photos courtesy of Langemarck

Reichsluftschutzbund – M34

  • none square dip version shell
  • variant RLB decal (differs slightly from the other blue decal)
  • Has a 2 buckle slide chinstrap

Reichsluftschutzbund – M34

  • Version with the small decal.
  • RLB stamp under the leather