RAD and NSKK decals


Compared to other branches of the Wehrmacht the RAD and NSKK where much smaller , to support this no helmets were produced and decaled for these branches in the factories. Both re-used Heer and/or Luftwaffe helmets. Also in today’s collections RAD and NSKK helmets are scarce.

Based on my observations I would say that for me today only one decal type of each can be accepted as original. Even though a variant RAD decal is featured in the recently published decals book by Ken Niewiarowicz I have never seen that other type on a helmet I considered authentic.


  • RAD decals applied on the wearers left will always have another decal underneath.


  • We can only speculate what created the discoloring effect on NSKK decals but it must have something to do with the lacquer that was used.