Polizei Helmets

INFO LINK : The history and units of the German Polizei

Observations :

  • Polizei helmet M35/M40 and M42’s have the same paint color as Heer helmets with one exception , there is a production run by SE that produced M40 Polizei helmets in a smooth green color.
  • Combat Polizei helmets always carry two decals , only in very rare cases on civic type shells a single decal is observed .
  • A batch of M35 Heer helmets was used to furnish the Polizei units with helmets , the Polizei decals were applied over the Heer decals.
  • I have never seen evidence of the existence of the so called golden Water polizei decals (wasserschutzpolizei) in my opinion they are just a fable.


Austrian M16

  • This grey one is the rarer of the 2 configurations you can find of this re-used Austrian shell. See the other type further down.
  • Carries the SE style Polizei decal.
  • The chinstrap has a Polizei marking forLandesgendarmeriekommando Steiermark ” that would mean “Headquarter of the Gendarmerie in Styria”
  • The holes near the decals prove the helmet was used as a Police helmet by the Austrians before the anschluss.

Austrian M16

  • This is the more common transitional type
  • Light green paint
  • Has the reissue decal
Krakau, Razzia von deutscher Ordnungspolizei
Austrian M17 in use

Edelstahl size 62 – Medium duty

  • This helmet was found by an American collector in 2012 together with a host of other bring back items (see photo).
  • Has the ET style Polizei decal
  • Weighs 1.15 Kgs and is marked Edelstahl in small letters.
  • These helmets were not designed for combat duty but for rear echelon duty.

Edelstahl size 64 – Medium duty – Satin black

  • This one is a unique satin black M34 , I have not yet seen a similar example.
  • ET style decal
  • Note the different liner configuration with the one above
  • Weighs 1.05 Kgs and is marked Edelstahl in large letters
  • Has a leather pad in the crown as added comfort.

Eisenhüttenwerke Thale (ET) size 62 – M35

  • 1937 dated single alu liner band
  • Lot number 4636
  • Originally a Double decal Heer , the Polizei decals have been applied over the Heer decals.
  • Of note : The decal is not the ET style decal but a Reissue type. This means that the application of the Polizei decals was done at another level than the factory level.

Eisenhüttenwerke Thale (ET) size 62 – M35

  • Lot number 4737
  • 1939 Dated liner band
  • Hole in the top of the helmet suggests it was used as a grave marker , also the way the leather looks supports this theory.
  • ET style factory applied decal

Sachsische emailler und Stazwerke A.G. lauter (SE) size 64 – M40

  • Lot number 5003
  • Note the smooth paint which is typical for these M40 Polizei by SE.
  • Note also the aluminium reinforced liner band.

Eisenhüttenwerke Thale (ET) size 64 – M40

  • Lot number 1054
  • ET eagle decal
  • Complete dome stamp
  • Helmet was found in 2007 at the veteran’s family several years ago (see inset picture).

Emaillierwerke A.G.Fulda (EF) size 64 M42

  • 1943 Dated liner band
  • Lot number 2514
  • SE style decal (Two different eagles are possible on EF M42 shells , both bordered)
  • Tan leather means the helmet was not used a lot
  • Also carries a 1943 dated chinstrap

Emaillierwerke A.G.Fulda (EF) size 66 M42

  • 1943 Dated liner band
  • Lot number 2585
  • EF style decal , it differs from the EF M42 helmet posted above. Only these 2 types are used on EF Polizei helmets.
  • Sturdy pig skin leather
  • Also carries a 1943 dated chinstrap