Polizei decals

The decals on this page are the ones you can find on combat helmet models M16 , M18 , M34 Edelstahl , M35, M40 and M42. Some designs were used on civic helmets as well, if you are looking for specific civic Polizei decals you can find them HERE.

SE style eagle bordered decal

  • Most commonly found type.
  • Always found on SE/Hkp helmets but can be found on EF , Quist and Transitional helmets as well.

EF Style bordered decal

  • This decal is always found on EF helmets.
  • EF also uses the SE decal shown above.

ET style decal

  • Found on ET helmets and medium/light weight shells.

NS decal

  • Exclusively found on NS shells.

Methner & Burger – Reissue decal

  • This is not a factory applied decal and can be found on different helmet makers and models. Mostly observed on ET M35 shells that originally had Heer decals.
  • The examples shown both have a Heer decal under the Polizei eagle. (The right decal set is on an ET M35 and the left decal on a Quist M35)

Bahnschutz decals

Photos courtesy of Sysyphus