Decals on civic helmets

Green RLB decal

Less encountered green decal , the graphics are also different than its blue counter part. Often found on M34’s with bulgy vent holes.

Photo courtesy of Ron R


Blue RLB decal

Dark Blue RLB decal with sharp center lines

Dark blue RLB decal with blurred center lines


Small blue RLB decal


DRK decal

  • Only type of DRK decal which is generally recognized as original , another variant with round bottom has not been researched yet by the collector community and remains controversial.

Left photo courtesy of Ron R

Early Polizei decal

  • Tilted swastika with a tilted tri color.

Photos courtesy of Sysyphus

  • Same set but on an early fueurschutz helmet

Polizei decals

Many Polizei decal types were used on civic helmets , some identical to those on combat helmets but also some variants which seem to be placed exclusively on civic helmets. The decals also found on combat helmets can be found here. The ones observed only on civic style helmets can be viewed below. I will post more variants as I go along.

Methner and Burger decal

  • Also used on reissued combat helmets.

Bordered Polizei decal 

  • Methner & Burger style eagle with a border.
  • Mainly observed on civil helmets

Bordered Polizei decal

Austrian Police decals

Photos courtesy of Ron R

Austrian Luftschutz decal

This decal is silver on black and exhibits the same printing traits as any other silver and black Third reich era produced decal under high magnification.

Right decal photo courtesy of Sysyphus

High magnification photos of the Austrian LS decal

Political decal

  • Combined with a typical Polizei / SS party shield

SA (Sturmabteilung) decals

Photos courtesy of helmet2id

Luftschutz decal

Telefunken decal

  • with party shield on the same helmet

Photos courtesy of helmet2id