Transitional Heer Helmets (M16 – M18)


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Observations :

  • Exist as double decal , single decal and without decal.
  • Transitionals come in all paint colors (from light green to dark grey) and textures. Both hand re-painted and factory painted shells exist.
  • These helmets have been used throughout the second world war. You can see them a lot being worn by combat units in photos from 1939 – 1940. Later in the war you will see them more in use with Auxiliary units.
  • Almost all known Heer decal types have been observed on these shells except for the Quist Big foot decal.

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Gebrüder Gnüchtel A.G size 62 – M16

  • This is probably one of the earliest decalled Third Reich helmets you can find.
  • Original WW1 leather liner configuration
  • Original WW1 chinstrap (not pictured)
  • Toned Pocher Eagle decal – A good example that shows how hard a decal can tone to gold/yellow.

M16 Helmets

Unidentified maker size 64 – M18

  • Has a the earliest style single aluminium liner band , recogniseable by the thick rivets used to secure the leather.
  • No size stamp imprinted in the leather but ink stamped in the inner shell
  • The helmet was roughly painted with the liner band in it , paint has spilled onto the band and the leather
  • Early (pre 35) rollerbuckle chinstrap
  • Uneven toned Pocher decal , also notice how the white of the tricolor has yellowed
  • Unit stamp
Soldier wearing an M18 helmet

Unidentified maker size 64 – M18

  • Typical mid war single decal issue M18 with steel liner band
  • Has the HJ&K decal often seen on Transitionals
  • Interesting identifying tag stuck on the back.

Eisenhütte Silesia (Si) – Size 62 – M18

  • Steel liner band , date not visible but leather is stamped 1942.
  • Carries the Gustav Peiniger decal only observed on reissued helmets
  • The chinstrap is a Czech wartime applied one
  • A special feature is that the old WW1 lugs were removed , other helmets with this feature have been observed.
  • Also of note is how the liner band has been manipulated to make the front rivets fit.

Unidentified maker size 64 – M16

  • Single band aluminium liner with the flat rivet heads as commonly observed
  • Size stamp imprinted in the leather
  • 1933 Roller buckle chinstrap
  • Rare W Abels type decal (only observed on early TR helmets)
Helmet Picture _266.jpg
Soldier wearing an Austrian helmet

Unidentified maker – Austrian M17

  • Pea green Austrian helmet with the more rare E Jutner decal set.
  • Has a field manufactured camo band made from the elastic band they use for dust goggles.
  • Leather and chinstrap were treated with product unfortunately. I always advise to leave things as they are , you can read more about it here.

Unidentified maker – Austrian M17

  • This helmet was found in the woodwork in the USA in 2011.
  • 1939 dated alu reinforced liner
  • Sports the Methner and Burger Heer eagle
  • Note that the old chinstrap attachments which were attached to the shell have been skilfully removed. You can see them still attached on the Austrian shells above.

Unidentified maker – Austrian M17

  • Steel liner band – pig skin leather
  • Note the dark paint on the rivet heads which is typical for this configuration
  • HJ&K style decal , greylined

Photos courtesy of helmet2id

Eisenhüttenwerke Thale size 64 – M18 Cut out (WW1 Cavalry helmet)

  • Steel liner band , date not readable
  • Textured paintjob as observed on helmets after 1939 in combination with a single decal.
  • Sports a Huber Jordan Heer adler

Eisenhüttenwerke Thale size 64 – M18 Cut out (WW1 Cavalry helmet)

  • 1940 dated liner band
  • Has the ET style decal

Eisenhüttenwerke Thale size 64 – M18 Cut out (WW1 Cavalry helmet)

  • Lot number B1056 F
  • 1931 dated liner band.
  • This helmet has been re-painted later in the war , the 1st smooth green paint is clearly visible on the inside.
  • The rough textured paint is also applied on top of the Heer decal , possibly this was a double decal helmet originally.

Unidentified maker size 64 – M18 Ventless

  • 1935 dated liner band.
  • Head size has been painted on the rim
  • The decal is the Huber Jordan type.

Unidentified maker size 66 – M18 Ventless

  • Earlier variant than the single decal helmet posted above

Photos courtesy of RonR