Fake helmet shells

Because these are so far from reality I never intended to devote a page to them but I have seen so many people asking for opinions on these that it seems like a good idea to do just that. All of these copy helmets are generally called Chinese fakes but some may come from other countries like India. Most seem to go for a “M35” look but also Fallschirmjäger helmets are reproduced.

The so called “Chinese fake”

The helmets are very easy recognizeable as fakes. Wrong shape , wrong vent holes , wrong maker and lot number stamps , wrong paint , wrong decals , wrong liner , ludicrous liner stamps. They could not be farther from the real thing.

Here’s the liner of another Chinese fake helmet

Here’s another style of reproduction shell. Note the wrong maker stamp and incorrect font of the lot number. The vent holes look better than the one above.

Fake FallschirmJäger shells

Most for sale are for re-enactors and can be easily dismissed , the aged examples can look much more dangerous if viewed from a distance.

There will be a lot of clues when you look at a fake FJ shell. Things that stick out are the maker and lot number stamp. The edge on the inside where the steel has been folded inwards. The leather and especially the rubber pads between the liner and the shell.

Example of a reproduction liner

Next up is a made up example , while the exterior makes you want to pick it up when you flip it and look at the inside it falls apart in seconds.

Another example with textured paint.

The Luftwaffe decals that some of the reproductions (fakes) have are of the same quality than those found in the fakes decal section.

Here a decals set that has been aged to fit with the aged paint.