Fallschirmjäger helmets

Fallschirmjägers in Holland 1940 with double decalled helmets

INFO LINK : Fallschirmjäger

INFO LINK : A deeper study of the M31 and M38 liners by Joda and Sysyphus

Observations :

  • Only the Eisenhüttenwerke Thale (ET) factory made Fallschirmjäger helmets , late war helmet have the CKL stamp instead of ET.
  • Three helmet types are know. M36 (ultra rare) / M37 (rare) and M38 (common)
  • M37 were often wartime upgraded to M38 specification.
  • The 2 Different types of Luftwaffe decals can be found on these helmets.
  • Mid to late war FJ helmets will not carry decals (follows the same logic as with the other combat helmet types).


  • Size 68
  • With Snake leg eagle decal.
  • This M37 was wartime upgraded with a later liner , the original vent holes have been used as if it were a M38. The original rivet holes no longer used.

Photos courtesy of M38


  • Size 68
  • With Straight leg Eagle decal
  • Similar example as above with later liner wartime added.

Photos courtesy of RonR 

M38 – Early smooth paint and double decalled example

Photos courtesy of KenB

M38 – 701st Tank destroyer vet bringback

  • Size 68
  • Lot number 1337
  • Had a white wash on it as winter camouflage , the wash was taken off in spring time.
  • You can read the amazing details on this bring back helmet on the German helmet Walhalla forum here

Photos courtesy of RoyA

M38 – Single decal

  • Size 66
  • Lot number 5059

Photos courtesy of Rosebud

M38 – Fallschirmjäger regiment 6 camouflaged helmet

  • Size 68
  • Lot number 4850
  • Eagle decal can be seen under the camo paint.

Photos courtesy of Ron R

M38 – Mid to late war example

  • No decal
  • CKL stamped

Photos courtesy of Ron R