Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps

Dutch NSKK recruitment poster

Below an NSKK crash helmet plate and a uniform patch.

INFO LINK : History of the NSKK

Observations :

  • Helmets provided to the NSKK always came from other branches , predominantly from the Luftwaffe.
  • This means that these helmets were never produced for the NSKK at the known factories.
  • Somewhere along the road the helmets were re-painted and re-decalled for NSKK use.
  • Exist as single and double decal , the tricolor being the other decal.

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Quist (Q) size 68 – M35

  • Lot number 21705
  • Originally a Luftwaffe helmet that has been re-purposed for the NSKK. Under the leather you can still see the original Luftwaffe blue.
  • The exterior often received a light grey (sometimes green) overpaint and then the decal was applied.
  • The interior in this case also received a similar overpaint up to the liner band as can be judged by the paint on the liner band.
  • The discoloration is typical for NSKK decals.

Quist (Q) size 64 – M35

  • Lot number 1188
  • 1939 dated liner band
  • Ex Luftwaffe helmet , remnants of the LW eagle visible where the paint cracked.
  • Chinstrap is also LBA marked
  • Note that the letters NSKK were scratched off prior to the application of the lacquer. This could mean the helmet was used by the Legion Speer.

Eisenhüttenwerke Thale (ET) size 66 – M40

  • Lot number 79
  • Another ex Luftwaffe helmet put in use for the NSKK
  • This one received a green overpaint but only on the outside

Vereinigte Deutsche Nickelwerke (NS) size 64 – M40

  • Lot number D164
  • Another Luftwaffe helmet that was put to use for the NSKK
  • A light grey paint was applied over the original factory Luftwaffe paint , even inside up to the liner band as it shows traces of a repaint on the D rings.

Vereinigte Deutsche Nickelwerke (NS) size 68 – M42

  • Lot number 2772
  • Another ex Luftwaffe helmet that seemed to have received a grey blueish wash.

Photos courtesy of helmet2id

Eisenhüttenwerke Thale (ET) size 66 – M42

  • Lot number 1645
  • In the same tradition as the helmets posted above this is another Luftwaffe helmet that was re-used as NSKK , you can see traces of the Luftwaffe decal underneath the NSKK decal.
  • It received a grey overpaint both in and outside. The paint marks can be seen clearly on the liner band.
  • You may have spotted that the words NSKK are missing from the decal , I have been told this was done by Legion Speer units.
  • I added some USB close-ups of the decal , 25 zoom and 200 zoom.

Photos used with permission of Langemarck