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Medium duty DD SS

Some of you may have seen this one recently on a few other forums. It now resides with me since yesterday.

It's helmet worn by the members of the SD (sicherheitsdienst). These guys especially the ones serving outside the Reich were present in concentration camps and in the ghettos together with the Ordnungspolizei.

Both the SD and the Gestapo were convicted as criminal organisations after the war.

Together with the Gestapo they were an intelligence branch but their scope grew during the years.

Those who know me well know that I have a special interest in these medium duty stalhhelmen. I have Teno used ones with Heer decals ,a Bahnschutz one , Police ones. So this one almost completes that part of the collection.

The helmet has the expected Pocher decal , the only occasion Pocher SS decals are always applied.

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Very cool Frank. Decals nicely preserved. Has an “evil” vibe haha. I wonder what this one has seen and who wore it? And an interesting fact about the pochers. For my 1st m40 ss I will want ye olde factory applied but for these civilian types makes sense that from jump they are pochers. No factory / decal connection here.

I am happy you added this one to the lightweight collection. I know you were excited to receive 🙂


Nasty guys! But a great pick up for your collection. Congrats

Good to see that it resides in your collection Frank ! well done.

It's a nice example

that was the cracked vs the no cracked decal 😉

Thanks , I posted some good USB photos in that topic 🙂

Nice example Frank.